Google+: Where Geeks Hang Out

I realise this is quite a big claim to make, but more and more data is emerging which shows Google+ is fast becoming the social media platform of choice for geeks. Some say male geeks predominantly, but I guess geeks are generally more likely to be male than female, so if it appeals mostly to geeks, then it stands to reason there will be more male than female in its demographics.

Here is a link to an infographic – courtesy of Flowtown – which details some of the demographics of Google+ users.

The data doesn’t actually shed that much insight, but it does illustrate that 63% of Google+ users are male, of which 22% are between the ages of 25 to 34.

Bime, on the other hand, published some very interesting data last year, which is summarised in the graphs below.

googleplus2 450x1024 Google+ User Statistics Part II   How Have Demographics Shifted Since G+ Came Out of Beta? [DASHBOARD]
This data is based on a snapshot in time done in August 2011, and it would be rather nice to get an update, but it is consistent with my own experience of interacting with people on Google+. if you take the students out of the equation, you are left with mostly engineers, designers, developers, etc. In other words, geeks like me.

Tech marketeers had better watch out; Google+ may well become the primary social media platform to interact with their target audience.


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